What is survival

What is survival.
What is survival.

Survival is, in a broad sense, the ability of a person to live in unfavorable conditions for the body. It consists of a set of skills and abilities used in a given situation. This definition is rooted in the middle of the last century, when the concept of a person capable of surviving in any situation and not being morally broken was born, which is important.

So if survival is a process, then those who are engaged in it are survivors, or survivors, or survivors. The word that many are now afraid of is not because of the formidable figure of this stern man, but because of the labels of society, hung, as sometimes happens, not in vain. Survivors have become a subculture both abroad and in Russia. This movement arose in the United States, in the 70s in connection with the oil crisis. This served as the impetus for the creation of various clubs and associations.

However, the movements that rallied people by hobbies are good, but there is still a rational grain in this. It is not for nothing that they studied life safety at school. A subject that is nothing more than survival training. We were taught the simplest skills of responding to different situations from childhood. But how many lives would have been saved if we all remembered at least the basics of this subject?

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But the primitive knowledge of providing assistance to the victims is only the first reason for studying such a subject. And if you think you are living in a safe environment, then you have to upset. Many cities have swimming pools and the pool contains a lot of chlorine. This is not to mention the enterprises of the chemical and other industries. I am sure there will be about a dozen other similar examples.

So who is a survivalist? Another phenomenon of modern society, or is it a sofa expert on everything and I am all? No, not both. This is who each person should be, in order to clearly know what to do in an extreme situation, without fanaticism, in order to have time to help oneself and other people.

Yes, this is a little at odds with the concept accepted in society, because according to it, anyone can be called a survivalist, from a tourism instructor to a passer-by. However, we do not live in a fairy tale and we need to be prepared for everything.

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